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Name:josias st. john
Birthdate:Nov 20

T H E R E   E X I S T S   T W O   W O R L D S :
T H E   V I R T U A L   A N D   T H E   A C T U A L
josias st. john, only son of lawrence st. john and sole heir to st. john industries, a business empire specialising in virtual security. meek, mild mannered and unassuming, a reserved and largely unnoticeable presence aside from when his father trots him out for social engagements. a disappointment to his father and considered to most likely be the future ruin of the company lawrence worked so long to build.

josias st. john, known amongst the virtual prostitution houses as the tiger, a highly sought after companion for those who can pay the right price. a sharply intelligent and charming young man, sinking his claws into any ventures that interest him, including the virtual black market and the illegal couriering of AIs. looking for all the excitement and challenges the actual world denies him, looking for as many ways as possible to rebel against the father that had tried to cage him into a regimented and boring life.
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